"Low Testosterone affects middle-aged men between the ages of 40 and 60. Low T can cause muscle loss, low sex drive & fatigue. Testosterone Treatments can help!"
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Low Testosterone: How to Talk to Your Doctor about Low T

Be as open as you possibly can about your Low T Symptoms. Speaking to anyone about male health problems isn't easy and talking about impotence, loss of sexual desire or other symptoms of low testosterone can feel embarrassing. But it is important to speak with a knowledgeable hormone specialist specializing in male hormone replacement so a diagnosis can be made and treatment options explored.

Talking about low testosterone is also difficult because you may be unaware of the various signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance and could easily attribute these to other possible health conditions, to overworking or just old age.

Low testosterone is a common sign of male aging. Low T affects millions of men in the U.S. who are unaware of the symptoms. Low testosterone can also result in low sex drive or poor libido, soft erections or complete erectile dysfunction, sleep problems, loss of energy and feeling tired all the time, sadness and depression, quick weight gain and muscle loss.

A simple blood test (Low T Test) is available to check your testosterone levels. Having your blood tested and meeting with your doctor is best way to find out if increasing testosterone levels will help alleviate symptoms. Get a low t test.

Your Testosterone levels naturally decline with age and adult men lose about 1% per year of their testosterone levels after age 40 and some men start to lose their testosterone in their 30's. By middle-age, and certainly by age 45 to 50, your T levels can drop below what is considered the normal range. With Testosterone Therapy, you can boost your levels back up into the normal range. The most important measure is your Free Testosterone vs Total Testosterone as it is the Free Testosterone that is bioavailable to your body. Ask your hormone specialist about this all important measure of testosterone health.

Testosterone medical studies show that almost 25% to 30% of men over 50 could have low testosterone! When men visit their family physician and are asked about various symptoms, very few men or even their doctors attribute health problems to a testosterone deficiency. Even fewer physicians know the difference between Free and Total Testosterone levels.

General physicians simply aren't trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of Low T or the methods they can use to fix or restore How to Repair Low T? or hypogonadism. Some men who are prescribed male performance enhancing drugs or erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra®, Levitra® or Cialis® may find these don't work because a man must have sufficient testosterone in his system in order for these drugs to work. Men with an androgen deficiency can experience signs of impotence and many Male HRT Physicians will prescribe a BiMix or Trimix erectile injection medication along with other types of testosterone for the treatment of male impotence or ED. Edex and Caverject® Impulse from Pfizer is also prescribed in order to treat ED and both of these injectables are prescribed by Urologists and Male Anti-Aging doctors to help men overcome sexual dysfunction. you can read more about how testosterone is used in impotence therapy - Using Testosterone to treat erectile dysfunction.

If you have symptoms then you should have a testosterone test to rule out an androgen deficiency.

Low Testosterone: Symptoms and Treatment

Low libido, erectile dysfunction, excessive belly fat, insomnia and extreme fatigue are the most common symptoms of low testosterone. But other symptoms like loose muscles, difficulty focusing or concentrating, bursts of anger, irritability, sadness and depression are common in men with low testosterone levels. Low testosterone symptoms occurs slowly over time and can be intermittent. Perhaps morning erections or impotence comes and goes. If you don't feel interested in sex, have had no sex drive for months, and are having some problems with keeping a firm erection, chances are you are testosterone deficient and are suffering from Low Testosterone Levels.

Low testosterone can cause depression.. If you suddenly find yourself feeling sad, withdrawn and highly irritable - chances are testosterone deficiency is the cause. If you are unexpectedly moody or have fits of anger making you hard to be around, this in and of itself is a sign your t levels may be dipping too low. If your energy is so low you feel exhausted and beat up all the time, and have lost interest in the things that used to interest you, low testosterone is a likely cause. If you find it hard to concentrate or focus, are literally forgetting things, have lost your spark and enthusiasm for daily life, relationships and goals, low testosterone can cause these symptoms.

Andropause vs Menopause

Unlike women's menopause which has a clear line of demarcation when women's estrogen levels abruptly fall to very low levels causing a cessation the monthly period, men's Andropause is characterized by a steady decline in testosterone over decades. With busy life schedules, a man's changes in sex drive, erection firmness, muscle size, weight, sleep and mood can be very subtle and go unnoticed. Learn more about Andropause.

Age Management Doctors and Anti-Aging Medicine Physicians are trained to ask about the symptoms of low testosterone while for most general physicians it’s the last thing they may think to ask about if they ask at all. Most family doctors won't ask a man "How is your sex life doing?, or How is your libido? Are you having any problems with erections or other symptoms of erectile dysfunction? The typical general practitioner simply isn't trained to diagnose or treat hypogonadism or low t.

If you are a man over 40 to 50 years of age having sexual health problems, a testosterone test is the best step you can take. Get tested, get diagnosed and get low t treatment if you need it. Testosterone replacement therapy can help reduce symptoms and give you back your life. By talking with your primary doctor about any problems you may be having with erectile dysfunction and asking for a referral to a hormone specialist, you will be on the path to restoring your sex life and relationships. Testosterone deficiency testing and low t treatment is available, fill out the Quick Info Form for a Free Consultation or contact us at the Testosterone Hormone Center and start receiving testosterone through a doctor supervised testosterone replacement program today.

Learn more about Testosterone and Andropause

  • What doctors treat testosterone deficiency?
  • What are the main symptoms of Andropause or Low T?
  • What changes occur in the body due to testosterone deficiency?
  • How do I find out if I have a testosterone deficiency?
  • How is testosterone deficiency diagnosed and treated?
  • Where can I find a good testosterone doctor or get a prescription for testosterone?
  • Who shouldn't take testosterone replacement therapy?
  • What are the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy?

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Testosterone Clinics - Low T Centers

Where to find a Low Testosterone Doctor or Clinic in the USA

Testosterone Treatment Clinics for Testosterone Replacement - Over 25,000 Patients Served

Find a Testosterone Specialist or Male Hormone Testosterone Therapy Physician - Fill out the Info Request Form to Reach The Leading Testosterone Doctors and Ask about our Testosterone Specials Pricing on Testosterone produced by Paddock, Watson, Sandoz and Pfizer Testosterone Replacement Products

If you think you may have a testosterone deficiency or hormone imbalance also known as Low T, and need to find an Testosterone Clinic or Male Hormone Testosterone Doctor, fill out the Free Testosterone Consultation form or call the Testosterone Rejuvenation Clinic at 1-888-663-1777.

At our Testosterone Therapy Clinics, you will receive highly personalized attention. Our medical staff will walk you through the process of enrolling in a testosterone replacement program. Your blood will be tested to determine your current testosterone levels and you will get a complete physical exam and assessment to properly evaluate your hormonal health.

Testosterone Treatment Clinics @ www.TestosteroneTherapy.org Our Testosterone Doctors are Mayo Clinic® and Cleveland Clinic® trained with over 20 years experience in the fields of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), Age Management Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Low T Therapy, and Anti-Aging Medicine. Our hormone doctors are Testosterone Hormone Therapy experts who have extensive experience prescribing Testosterone injections and HGH injections for men and women experiencing hormonal imbalance or decline.

Low T Levels. If you discover you have a deficiency in your androgen testostosterone levels, your Testosterone Doctor will prescribe a bioidentical testosterone therapy program using the best testosterone hormone injections produced by brand name testosterone manufacturers like Pfizer Depo-Testosterone, Paddock, Sandoz and Watson.

Low T Hormone Testing & Medical Exam. The friendly staff at The Testosterone Rejuvenation Clinic will arrange for your laboratory blood test, physical exam and doctor's consultation.

Testosterone Doctor Consultation. During your Testosterone doctor's consultation, your hormone blood test results and your medical history will be carefully reviewed and evaluated to ensure you qualify for HRT and Testosterone Replacement injections. Testosterone Rejuvenation Center Hormone Doctors are licensed physicians who specialize in bio-identical or natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT). If you do have low T levels, then your Testosterone Doctor will write a Testosterone prescription and perhaps an HCG and HGH prescription if medically indicated and send your prescription to the pharmacy who will ship your Testosterone treatment injections directly to you by overnight delivery.

Testosterone Rejuvenation Doctors only prescribe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at our Testosterone Clinics. Natural hormones are safer and can be more effective than animal derived hormone drugs.

Customized HRT Therapy Programs are The Best

Your body's chemistry is unique and a personalized hormone replacement program helps ensure the most successful medical outcome when replenishing low testosterone levels. At our testosterone clinic, your physician takes time to listen to all of your needs and concerns and the knowledgeable medical staff will answer any question you have and are always available to assist you - from getting your hormone blood test to filling your doctor's prescription for Testosterone treatment medications. To learn more about the available treatment options visit - Low T Therapy Options. Contact us with any questions regarding how one of our customized TRT programs can help you.

Contact one of our Testosterone Therapy Centers & Testosterone Clinics today to find out if you have Low T and discover the amazing benefits of increasing Low Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone. Our Testosterone Doctors are the best most experienced Bio-Identical TRT specialists with over 25,000 satified patients. You are welcome to give us a call at 1-888-663-1777

Get Injectable Testosterone Therapy Male Hormone Testosterone Treatment Doctors

  • Fill out the information request form
  • Get your hormone blood test and physical exam.
  • Have your Low Testosterone Hormone Doctor's consultation to determine if you have deficient Testosterone levels.
  • Testosterone Prescription is filled and pharmacy sends Injectable Testosterone & Growth Hormone Treatment kit including Testosterone & HGH injections directly to your home or office by overnight delivery.

Is Testosterone Legal? Yes, with a Prescription

With a licensed medical doctor's prescription you will be able to start your Testosterone replacement program and buy testosterone injections legally. At Testosterone Rejuvenation Center's Testosterone Clinic you will be sure that your hormone medications are of the highest quality and produced by an FDA-Approved Pharmaceutical Facility. That is why it is important to deal with US based Testosterone Clinics, Male Hormone Testosterone Centers and pharmacies.

Testosterone Rejuvenation Center has an established network of Testosterone medical clinics locally and nationwide so you can be confident you are obtaining real testosterone which is safe and legal. When you become a patient, Testosterone Rejuvenation Doctors and Testosterone clinic staff are always available to assist you. Call us at any time if you are ready for your Testosterone Doctor to prescribe an injectable Testosterone therapy program fully customized to your needs.

What kinds of Testosterone do Testosterone Rejuvenation Clinic Male Hormone Testosterone Doctors Prescribe?

Our Doctors and Clinics prescribe only FDA-Approved Testosterone Drugs for injection such as Pfizer Depo-Testosterone, Paddock Cypionate Injections, Hikma and Sun Pharmaceutical Testosterone Cypionate, Endo Pharma, West-Ward and Sandoz Testosterone Enanthate, Caverject Impulse and Tri-Blend Testosterone Solutions, Actavis and Watson Testosterone Cypionate.

There are also testosterone creams such as Fortesta®, testosterone gels like Androgel® from Abbvie, Axiron from Eli Lilly & Co, pellets and testosterone patches like Testoderm and Androderm available for Male Hormone Testosterone treatment but each have advantages and disadvantages. You will talk to your physician at the clinic to select the most effective hormone replacement for boosting low testosterone and if injections are prescribed, a convenient method of delivery for your injectable testosterone.

How to Inject Testosterone?

If you have purchased Testosterone injections, then injecting your testosterone shots will be quite easy to measure and inject. Testosterone is a pharmaceutical substance and should not be exposed to excessive heat or heavily shaken.

You can self-administer your hormone shots or visit the Testosterone Clinic to have your injectable testosterone treatment administered by your Male Hormone Testosterone physician. If you choose to self-administer your testosterone shots, your personal medical adviser will give you detailed instructions on how to inject testosterone in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

Testosterone treatment uses traditional vial and syringe with a needle used for intramuscular injections.

Your dedicated medical adviser will direct you through each step of the hormone injection process. It is important to learn how to properly and safely inject Testosterone.

Should you have any questions about how to inject Testosterone, your medical adviser is available to answer any of your questions.

Find a Testosterone Clinic or Male Hormone Testosterone Therapy Doctor

To Find the Best, Most Experienced Low T Therapy Doctors, Testosterone Therapy and HRT Clinics, fill out the confidential Male Hormone Testosterone Therapy Request Form below for more information about bio-identical (HRT) Hormone Replacement Therapy including Low Testosterone Therapy & HGH Therapy.

Or the Testosterone Therapy Clinic HOTLINE at 888-663-1777 for a Free Consultation to find out how Hormone Replacement Therapy with Natural (Bio-Identical Hormones) can restore your hormonal balance, rejuvenate your health, boost your sex drive and help change your life for the better.

We have the best testosterone treatment physicians with over 20 years experience. Our Male Hormone Testosterone therapy doctors have trained at the Mayo Clinic ®, Cleveland Clinic ® and Cenegenics ® - and prescribe only the best FDA-Approved Testosterone Injections, Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate by top hormone manufacturers Paddock, Watson Laboratories, Pfizer and Sandoz.

Men's Hormone Therapy can help. Are you interested in Enhancing Your Quality of Life through Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

How to Purchase Testosterone Injections Online @ www.TestosteroneTherapy.org

If you are interested in ordering Testosterone or learning about how to enroll in a Testosterone Therapy program tailored by Male Hormone Testosterone treatment physicians who specialize in the variety of forms of testosterone treatment for men and women, fill out the info request form or call us at 1-888-663-1777. Find a Testosterone Physician or Low T Clinic near you.

Types of Testosterone for Sale for Men on TRT

Types of Testosterone sold in the United States

The Hormone Physician Prescribes Intramuscular Testosterone Injections from Paddock, Actavis Watson, West-Ward, Hikma, Sun Pharma, Endo Pharma, Abbvie, Eli Lilly, Sandoz & Pfizer:

Paddock Cypionate Injectables

Paddock® Testosterone Cypionate
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 1 mL (NDC 00143-9726-01)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 00574-0820-10)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone 10 mL vial, 1 count (NDC 00574-0827-10)

Actavis Watson Cypionate Injectables

Actavis Watson® Testosterone Cypionate intramuscular injection (Hikma Pharmaceutical)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 00591-3223-79)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 1 mL dose vial (NDC 0591-3223-54)

Pfizer Cypionate Injectables

Pfizer® Depo-testosterone intramuscular injection
100 mg/mL, 10 mL vial (NDC 00009-0347-02),
200 mg/mL, 1 mL vial (NDC 00009-0417-01),
200 mg/mL, 10 mL vial (NDC 00009-0417-02)
Depo Testosterone 100mg injectable solution
Depo Testosterone 200mg injectable solution

Sandoz Cypionate and Enanthate Injectables

Sandoz® Testosterone Cypionate intramuscular injection
100 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 00781-3073-70)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 1 mL vial (NDC 0781-3074-71)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 0781-3074-70)

Endo Pharmaceutical Enanthate Injectables

Endo Pharma DELATESTRYL® Testosterone Enanthate intramuscular injection
200 mg/mL, 1 mL vial (NDC 67979-501) 200 mg/mL, 5 mL vial, multidose (NDC 67979-501-40)

Endo Pharmaceutical Undecanoate Injectables

Endo Pharma AVEED® Testosterone Undecanoate intramuscular injection
750 mg/3 mL (250 mg/mL) testosterone undecanoate sterile injectable solution (Aveed, NDC 67979-511-43)

West-Ward Pharmaceutical Cypionate and Enanthate Injectables

West-Ward® Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate intramuscular injection (Hikma Farmaceutica)
100 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 0143-9726-01)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 0143-9726-01)
200 mg/mL enanthate testosterone, 5 mL multidose vial (NDC 0143-9750-01)

Sun Pharmaceutical Enanthate Injectables

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited® Testosterone Cypionate intramuscular injection
100 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 62756-017-40)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 1 mL vial (62756-015-40)
200 mg/mL cypionate testosterone, 10 mL multidose vial (NDC 62756-016-40)

Pharmaceutical Propionate Injectables

Testosterone Propionate intramuscular injection (Test Prop, Prop, TestP, Test-P)
Testoviron 250 mg/mL propionate testosterone, 1 mL vial
Testovis 250 mg/mL propionate testosterone, 1 mL vial
Viromone 250 mg/mL propionate testosterone, 1 mL vial

Organon Pharmaceutical Multi-Blend Injectables

Sustanon 250 and Omnadren 250 (Organon Pharmaceuticals)
Sustanon 250 injection, USP is available as an oil-based injectable blend of four esterized testosterone compounds:

  • 30 mg testosterone propionate
  • 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate
  • 60 mg testosterone isocaproate
  • 100 mg testosterone decanoate

Eli Lilly and Company Androgen Topical Solutions

Axiron® NDC Code(s): 0002-1975-61, 0002-1975-90
NDC 0002-1975-90 (testosterone) topical solution
1.5 mL or 30 mg of testosterone per pump actuation

Abbvie Inc Androgen Topical Solutions

AndroGel® 1.62% topical testosterone pump provides for the following dosage administration:
NDC 0051-8462-33 - 88 gram pump (Each pump actuation containing 20.25 mg of testosterone in 1.25 grams of gel)
NDC 0051-8462-12 - Each unit dose packet contains 20.25 mg of testosterone provided in 1.25 grams of gel
NDC 0051-8462-31 - 30 packets (each unit dose packet contains 20.25 mg of testosterone provided in 1.25 grams of gel)
NDC 0051-8462-01 - Each unit dose packet contains 40.5 mg of testosterone provided in 2.5 grams of gel
NDC 0051-8462-30 - 30 packets (each unit dose packet contains 40.5 mg of testosterone provided in 2.5 grams of gel)

Note about Cypionate Testosterone: Testosterone Cypionate should not be used interchangeably with testosterone propionate because of differences in duration of action. There is a triblend testosterone injection treatment also referred to as Multi-Blend Testosterone Injections that are properly measured using 3 different testosterones, cypionate, enanthate and propionate, and this type of injectable androgen replacement should be taken for the best before and after testosterone treatment results.

Testosterone esters in oil like Testosterone Enanthate injected intramuscularly are absorbed slowly from the lipid phase; thus testosterone enanthate can be given at intervals of two to four weeks. A new testosterone prescribed by doctors is undecanoate which is one of the longest acting estered testosterone injections where a man can have an initial injection of 750 mg, one month later a follow up shot and only need a testosterone injection avery 3 to 5 months or so. Ask you male HRT physician about Aveed® and other undecanoate androgen solutions for TRT.

Testosterone cypionate injection, USP, for intramuscular injection, contains testosterone cypionate which is the oil-soluble 17 (beta)-cyclopentylpropionate ester of the androgenic hormone testosterone. Testosterone cypionate is a white or creamy white crystalline powder, odorless and stable in air. Testosterone Cypionate is insoluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol, chloroform, dioxane, ether, and soluble in vegetable oils.

Get Low Testosterone Therapy and Feel Young Again

Male Hormone Testosterone Therapy - Low Male Testosterone - Testosterone Clinics - Anti-Aging Therapy

Testosterone Rejuvenation Hormone Therapy Clinic and Lab Locations for Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone Therapy Clinic Nationwide. We have many Testosterone therapy clinics locations where you can obtain your bloodwork for comprehensive hormone level testing including for Low Testosterone Levels (LOW T), Low HGH Levels, Estrogen and Progesterone levels, DHEA, Thyroid, Cortisol, Lipid Profile and Growth Factor IGF-1.

Accurate and complete labwork is essential to properly assess your hormone levels and to determine if you have a hormone deficiency or imbalance that would qualify you for Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy. All hormone prescription medications including Testosterone Injections, HGH Injections, and HCG Injections must be prepared by a licensed medical doctor and HRT programs carefully monitored and supervised to ensure successful treatment. Men with prostrate, breast or heart conditions may not be candidates for testosterone replacement and a thorough physical examination and blood testing is required before commencing a Testosterone Treatment program of any kind.

A prescription for hormone therapy will only be provided if a clinical need exists. Testosterone Prescriptions and HGH Prescriptions for replacement therapy and injections are only available from licensed medical professionals. To ensure your health and safety, speak to a qualified HRT (Hormone Replacement) Specialist before taking hormone medications or shots.

Each hormone treatment patient has unique medical needs and a customized approach to hormone therapy often provides the best medical outcome. Not everyone needs he same level of testosterone or human growth hormone in their system to feel healthy. Many times HGH and Testosterone are used in conjunction in a comprehensive hormone treatment program along with exercise and nutrition. Male Testosterone Therapy and Female Testosterone Therapy is becoming an accepted treatment for symptoms due to menopause and andropause, the male menopause, ED or impotence due to erectile dysfunction. Testosterone affects the sexual health and libido of both men and women. If you think you may be suffering from Low T Symptoms and would like to find the best testosterone doctors, endocrinologists, urologists and HRT clinics for replacing low testosterone levels; Contact us at Testosterone Rejuvenation Male HRT Center for more info on how to get Testosterone Treatment at 1-888-663-1777.

Getting a prescription for therapy. Read more about obtaining a prescription from your doctor, and where and how to Buy Quality Testosterone Injections prescribed by Male Hormone Testosterone Physicians at our Hormone Treatment Centers and Anti-Aging Clinics for Men.

Testosterone Treatment Clinics

Find Testosterone Doctors throughout the USA, Contact a Low T Doctor Today.