"Low Testosterone affects middle-aged men between the ages of 40 and 60. Low T can cause muscle loss, low sex drive & fatigue. Testosterone Treatments can help!"
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Low T Testing helps your Doctor Determine your T Levels

Why get a Low T Test? Your hormone doctor will review your medical history, and together with a physical examination be able to assess your hormonal symptoms. When you are tested for Low T, both Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone is measured. Your physician carefully reviews your blood test results to determine the best protocol to treat your low testosterone levels.

Hypogonadism or Low Testosterone is a health condition that largely affects middle aged men and is also known as Andropause or Male Menopause. It is a medical terms that describes the decreased function of the male testicular glands, when these glands produce little or no testosterone hormones.  There are many signs and symptoms that male patients experience when afflicted with Low T

  • Decrease in Sex Drive and Intimacy
  • Irritability or Quick Bursts of Anger
  • Extreme Fatigue Bordering on Exhaustion
  • Difficulty Sleeping or Outright Insomnia
  • Increased Body Fat & Excessive Weight
  • Loss of Lean Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Loss of Bone Density - Osteoporosis

Testosterone Testing is used to help diagnose Low T. Aside from these hormone deficiency symptoms, a laboratory test is conducted to identify the diagnosis of hypogonadism or Low Testosterone. To learn more about Testosterone Therapy or to get started with your Low T Test, fill out the Low T Therapy Info Form or call the Testosterone Therapy Hotline @ 1-888-663-1777.

Get The Low T Test

A simple blood test panel is used by your Testosterone Therapy Doctor to check the testosterone hormone levels in your body.  When the levels are low, your hormone treatment physician will prescribe a customized treatment plan to normalize your testosterone levels and get you back to optimum condition.

Many men who take testosterone, especially injections - experience a boost in their sex drive and frequency of sex, ability to build muscle and increase muscle strength, ability to burn fat and lose weight, an improved sense of well being, a good mood, and renewed enthusiasm for daily living and their relationships.

Testosterone Therapy will boost your low testosterone levels back up into the normal range. An increase in your Free Testosterone or Bio-Available Testosterone will help restore your vitality, stamina and sexual desire. Learn more about Free Testosterone vs Total Testosterone Levels.

Testosterone Test Preparation

No preparation is required before the test.  Often, our Testosterone Treatment Physicians want the test to be done in the morning, when testosterone levels are highest. Although it is ideal to fast for 8 to 12 hours before a testosterone hormone test, there is no absolute requirement for 12 hour fasting prior to the test and our physicians will have your lab test results in 1 to 2 days. The blood test will check your Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone Levels to see what may be causing your Low Testosterone Symptoms.

Testosterone Lab Testing

About the Low T Test Results

The Testosterone panel is used by HRT physicians to diagnose and monitor patients taking testosterone replacement therapy. The Low T Test checks a man's bio-markers including the CBC panel which measures the Hematocrit level to ensure it is at a normal level before and during treatment. The PSA panel, measures a man's PSA level to look for and monitor changes in prostate before and during Low T therapy. The Total T versus the Free T panel measures the levels of total testosterone as a ratio to the Free or bioavailable or unbound testosterone circulating in the blood serum. It is important to have your blood tested while taking testosterone to ensure the dose you are administering is optimal based on your current health and condition. Androgen hormone testing is also instrumental in measuring before and after results of testosterone treatment.

What does the Low T Test result mean? Looking at general reference lab ranges is not as helpful as looking at the Free or Biavailable androgen blood levels. In males with androgen deficiency the lack of free testosterone can be the cause of symptoms. The normal range for testosterone levels in men varies by age, weight and health so the ratio of bioavailable to total testosterone is relative. Your urologist or endocrinologist should carefully consider what your optimal androgen level should be based on free circulating testosterone levels. It is normal for testosterone levels to slowly decline, usually after age 30. Testosterone may decrease more in men who are obese or chronically ill and with the use of certain medications.

Low Testosterone Level (Hypogonadism) Causes

Causes of Low T. Hypothalamic or pituitary disease, very high (SHBG) Sex Hormone Binding Globulin protein levels. Genetic diseases that can cause decreased testosterone production in young men Klinefelter, Kallman, and Prader-Willi syndromes, testicular failure and infertility. Impaired testosterone production because of injury or damage to the testes, such as from alcoholism, physical injury, or viral diseases like mumps rubella. Chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypotuitarism, Human Growth Hormone deficiency or thyroid conditions. Men who are tested and diagnosed with low testosterone levels wishing to treat the signs and symptoms of androgen deficiency may be prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Testosterone supplementation with prescription androgen drugs is not approved by the FDA for bodybuilding, athletic performance, weightlifting, or specifically for weight loss or anti-aging purposes.

Male Impotence Testing

Testosterone Testing is used to Treat Hypogonadism and ED

The Blood Test for Testosterone is instrumental in diagnosing hypogonadism (andropause) and erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by a testosterone hormone deficiency. To verify that your symptoms are due to low t levels, your blood work is carefully reviewed by your treating physician. To learn more about the use of testosterone therapy for hypogonadism and ED, visit the men's sexual health resource pages. You can discover more about how ED and Low T are diagnosed and treated using advanced hormone treatments specially designed for men. Low T is diagnosed when androgen levels fall below a normal range for men which is normally 300 ng/dL to 1000 ng/dL. A blood test called a Serum Testosterone Level Lab Test Panel is used to determine your clinical levels of circulating testosterone which is comprised of Total Testosterone and the all important Free Testosterone which is the unbound or bio-available androgen hormone circulating in your body. testosterone therapy for erectile dysfunction. Our experienced TRT Physcians can help you with Erectile Dysfunction testing and treat the symptoms and warning signs of Low Testosterone induced male impotence. When your testosterone levels are too low, you may have weaker erections or have difficulty achieving an erection to have sex. One of the main signs and symptoms of low androgen in your body is that in the mornings you no longer experience spontaneous erections. When you combine loss of spontaneous erections with lowered sex drive, soft erections, and less semen production, the chances of your having ED is more likely. Low Testosterone Lab Testing can help explain your symptoms, health effects, and libido problems.

Getting Treated for Low T

Low T Levels can Be Treated if you speak to your Doctor

Testosterone Symptoms in Aging Men. While it's natural for testosterone levels to decline as you age, impotence or andropause because of low testosterone can cause debilitating symptoms ranging from muscle loss and low sex drive to excessive weight gain, mood swings and depression. You can boost low testosterone levels with male androgen replacement at one our Men's Health Centers where you will discover ff you really have low libido, low energy, male impotence or metabolic syndrome. A simple blood test to check for low testosterone is the best way to answer the question, How to Tell If My Testosterone Is Low?

Test for Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Testing for Low T in adult men is indicated when symptoms of having low testosterone levels which cause a clinical condition called Hypogonadism or ED occur. Although Home Test Kits for testosterone exist as do saliva hormone testing, blood tests are the more accurate type of lab test for testing all components of androgen from total levels to bio-available levels. A blood test for testosterone can better tell your doctor how much Free Testosterone is circulating in your blood while indicating the total amount in your body and measuring the Bio-Available or Free testosterone is the best way to accurately diagnose Low T (Andropause) or hypogonadism. While a number of lifestyle and health factors can impact your Free and Total testosterone levels including age, low Free androgen levels may indicate a clinical and treatable condition. Get yourself checked if you have any of the signs or symptoms listed below:

  • Signs of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Softer Erections or Weak Erections
  • Loss of Sponatneous Erections
  • Lost Libido Lowered Sex Drive
  • Muscle Loss Decreased Muscle Mass
  • Bone Loss Osteoporosis Weakened Bones
  • Loss of Body Hair and Balding
  • Low Energy, Extreme Fatigue
  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
  • Memory Loss and Loss Of Focus
  • Excessive Weight Gain and Body Fat
  • Mood Swings, Anger Problems, Irritability, Depression
  • Testosterone Testing Services

    Low T Testing Centers

    What Lab Testing services to expect at one of our testing centers. Testosterone: The Low T Test, Testosterone Tests - Total Testosterone Test; Free Testosterone Test; Bioavailable Testosterone Test; HGH Test and other Hormone Lab Tests Online. You can also get pricing information for FDA-approved androgen medications used in Testosterone Hormone Therapy and learn about the various types of Cypionate, Enanthate and Propionate Injectable Testosterone for Men

    Local Lab Testing for Low Testosterone

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