"Low Testosterone affects middle-aged men between the ages of 40 and 60. Low T can cause muscle loss, low sex drive & fatigue. Testosterone Treatments can help!"
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Repair Low T with the Best Testosterone Therapy Options

Fix Low T. Male Anti Aging with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy using Natural Testosterone Replacement Treatment

Low T Physicians and Anti-Aging Treatment Centers help men fix Low T symptoms caused by Hypogonadism Andropause. Visit our Testosterone Doctors and Low T Centers Today!

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Repairing Low T with Male Hormone Treatment Options that are available to replenish and restore lost testosterone caused by a clinical deficiency known as Andropause or Hypogonadism. Fix low testosterone symptoms by increasing testosterone levels and restoring your free or bio-available T levels to back to normal ranges. Discover low T treatment options available for men with low Levels of testosterone hormone due to andropause. Our hormone physicians, endocrinologists, testosterone specialists and urologists provide several different therapy options for men with low levels of testosterone.

If you think you may have Low T symptoms, get a testosterone hormone level test - and if the lab tests show you have a low testosterone level, the Low T Treatment Center can help.

Fixing Low Testosterone

How to Repair Low T?

Using a Testosterone Repair Program or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you can boost low androgen levels up to healthy ones. Men with symptoms of low testosterone can do something about it. There are natural hormone solutions and treatment regimens to help restore and replensish lost or low T levels.

If you are suffering from Low T, you may be asking the question How I get treated?, Who do I speak to about therapy options?, What doctors can help me fix or repair low t?, How is Low T Repaired?.

Our Low T Physicians Experts can help you replenish low androgen levels caused by Andropause, hypogonadism or other endocrine disorders.

If Low T is depleting your sex life or your work life, a good TRT program using bio-identical testosterones can help you to fix it. You should contact a Low T Specialists if you are feeling tired all the time, have lost interest in sex lately, are gaining weight and losing muscle.

Testosterone is necessary for strong, firm erections, even if you are taking male enhancement pills. If your erections are soft, less frequent or you no longer have morning or spontaneous erections, then an androgen deficiency may be to blame for your erectile dysfunction. In addition, many men with low hormone levels have mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. With low testosterone, you may feel depressed, sad, unable to concentrate, lost motivation and drive.

Fixing Low Testosterone Symptoms

What to do to repair Low Testosterone symptoms?. If you have experienced these kinds of symptoms recently, you may have Low T and it is a good idea to get tested for low testosterone levels to make sure. Once you understand how Low T can affect your sex life and professional life, and better understand the before and after results of successful testosterone treatment, you may consider fixing and optimizing your male sex hormone levels. Once you start the process of low testosterone repair and your hormone treatment begins, you should see almost immediate improvement in how you look and how you feel. it is not uncommon for sexual health to return quickly with a boost in sex drive, stronger erections and frequency of sex.

Low T Repair

Fixing Low T

TRT or Testosterone replacement therapy is prescribed using a variety of delivery methods.

  • 1) Testosterone injections administered weekly by self-administration or our in-house physician visits. Many men opt for the injectable treatments as they are the most effective at boosting male sex hormone levels. When taking testosterone shots to restore low t, you can have your physician inject you or you can learn how to inject yourself and take your low t shots by self-injections. Injections are performed intramuscularly with a small 22 gauge needle either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • 2) Topical testosterone gels, creams or patches that are applied to the skin once or twice per day.
  • 3) Natural Testosterone Boosters including supplements, P-shots®, androgen boosters, estrogen reducers. Natural Testosterone Boosters

Diagnosing Low T

How is Low t Diagnosed

Low T is diagnosed by using androgen hormone level testing. A simple and quick blood test from the lab measures the levels of Free testosterone, bio-available or unbound and Total testosterone in your blood. When testosterone levels fall below a normal lab reference range of 300 ng/dL - 1000 ng/dL, a man is considerd to be hormone deficient. The blood test is called a blood serum testosterone level panel and is used by your Low t Doctor to determine your level of circulating testosterone hormone in your body. The Free and unbound or bioavailable testosterone levels are significant because they are the actual androgens available for use by your body. Normally healthy men have about 2% of their total testosterone bio-avalable and will mosy likely not have signs or symptoms that would make then seek to repair or fix low t levels.

As part of a testosterone replacement program, you are also tested for human growth hormone, estrogen levels, cortisol and thyroid to see if you need to replace thyroid hormone or DHEA. Your physician may order other androgen related lab test such as FSH, LH (Luteinizing Hormone), SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), DHEA, DHT, Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone, and Androstenedione. Most TRT programs include estrogen blockers and HCG injections as part of the replacement therapy - HCG and Testosterone. Other solutions used to treat erectile dysfunctions and andropause include testosterone boosting supplements, Edex, Caverject®, Bi-Mix, TriMix packages, aromatase inhibitors and estrogen reducing supplements. If Low T is affecting your sex life, our male hormone center has a solution and can explain how to fix it. The moment you feel uninterested in sex or have weak or very soft erections, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor and get tested for low testosterone levels. A male sex hormone deficiency left unrepaired can continue to affect your sex life as well as your professional life. Low T saps your strength and vitality leaving you lethargic and tired all day. In addition to the ED drug medications used to repair and fix impotence, another new low t solution is the P-shot® - Priapus Injections for Men - P-Shot®

How to Correct Low Testosterone

Using Testosterone Injections to Correct Low Testosterone

Low T Injection Note: Injectable Testosterone is the most effective Low T Repair solution. While some choose self-administration of shots because no additional treatment is required throughout the week, others prefer the topical gels and androgen creams because of the ease of application. Clearly, testosterone, HCG and HGH injections are most effective to correct low testosterone and will give you the treatment results you are seeking. Thyroid hormone, melatonin, estrogen inhibitor and blockers and DHEA are administered orally. When fixing low t levels, estrogen must be controlled and auxiliary medicines called SERM's or AI's (aromatase inhibitors) along with HCG injections are used in the best testosterone treatment programs. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonaditropin) is a peptide prescribed with Testosterone to help preserve fertility, libido, penile sensitivity and testicle size. Your treating physician will guide you step by step giving you specific instructions on how to properly take your hormone medications.

Testosterone Results

How long does it take to Repair Low T?

Before and After results of taking Testosterone. Most men report feeling a difference within 1 to 3 weeks depending upon the dosage prescribed, method of administration selected and frequency of application
Weeks 1 and 2 of T Therapy: Modest increase in drive and energy corresponding with a dissipation of depression or sadness, and an increase in enthusiasm and mental alertness.
Weeks 3 and 4 of T Therapy: Noticeable increase in energy and metabolic rate, better sleep, modest increase in sex drive and spontaneous morning erections.
Weeks 4 and 5 of T Therapy: Increase in lean muscle mass, improved stamina and endurance, noticeable increase in libido, modest loss of fat around the belly.
Weeks 5 to 6 of T Therapy: Substantial Increase in energy, mental sharpness, sex drive, muscle, strength, better sleep, better able to work out, burn fat, interest in doing things and enthusiasm for life.

Testosterone Before and After

Effects of Treatment results of Using Testosterone

Testosterone Results Before and After is one of the most searched terms after HGH before and After Results online. There are many videos for testosterone results and testosterone before and after pictures all over the internet showing bodybuilders and athletes who use testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate, and Propionate stacks in addition to anabolic steroids to bulk up or boost performance. TRT is not approved for weightlifting or sports enhancement even though building strong lean muscle mass and trimming body fat is an effect of using both Human Growth Hormone and testosterone. These are two very powerful anabolic steroids and using too much testosterone or HGH can have unwanted side effects in men and women. Hormones should only be prescribed and used for medically indicated treatment purposes.

Best Testosterone Programs

Find the Best Low T Therapy Programs to Restore Testosterone Levels

The best TRT programs can help repair Low T effectively. You will be able to quickly fix low t by utilizing male hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to replenish your androgen deficient hormones boosting them back up to a healthier level. A good TRT program can assist you in feeling healthier, looking better, restoring libido and sexual function. Contact our Testosterone Treatment Center to receive the highest benefits of hormone replacement therapy under supervision of best licensed medical professionals with experience repairing low t using bio-identical hormone optimization, a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet weight control and exercise.

How fixing Low T helped boost confidence and restore sex drive. Below you can watch a testosterone before and after video to demonstrate how effective Low T Repair can be. Repair Low T Video - Repair Low T

Diagnosing Low Testosterone in Men

Low Testosterone directly affects men's health, mood, personal relationships, career and sex life. Testosterone is the hormone of sexual desire and a deficiency causes of low libido in men and women. Since a specific amount of testosterone is needed to have and maintain an erection, low testosterone can also cause signs and symptoms of ED - Erectile Dysfunction. Doctors who treat ED and repair Low T. Testosterone is an essential hormone for a man's sex drive and performance. Low sex hormone levels reduce your ability to have satisfying sex because a deficiency can cause loss of penile sensitivity, weak erections and inability to maintain erections. The combination of a lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are male sexual problems that can be treated with effective low testosterone treatment options.

Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy by taking a Low-T Test

A simple lab test measuring hormone levels can help your physician determine if low testosterone is the cause, and then treating it can help. Low Testosterone Testing

Testosterone and the Causes of Low Libido. Urology doctors and medical researchers know testosterone supplementation increases libido. It's normal for a man's sex drive to slowly decline from its peak in his teens and 20s, but libido varies widely between men. What one man might consider a low sex drive, another might not. Also, sex drive changes within each man over time and is affected by stress, sleep, and opportunities for sex. For these reasons, defining a "normal" sex drive is next to impossible. Usually, the man himself identifies a lack of sex drive as a problem. Other times, his partner may consider it to be an issue. Low testosterone symptoms don't always include feeling like you have no sex drive. Some men maintain sexual desire at relatively low testosterone levels. For other men, libido may lag even with normal testosterone levels. Low testosterone is one of the possible causes of low libido, however. If testosterone is lowered far enough, virtually all men will experience some decline in sex drive. Explore how doctors diagnose and treat Andropause or low t symptoms - Diagnosing Men's Low T. The main goal in low testosterone repair is to find the optimal amount of free androgen your specific body needs in order to function sexually and to maintain your health. Too much androgen will cause problems while too little will also cause low t symptoms. When doctors fix low testosterone, they boost androgen in the body back up to normal levels - What are Normal Testosterone Levels in Men? Below we discuss what normal testosterone levels are and how to fix low testosterone in men.

What level of testosterone is normal?

Testosterone: What's a Normal Testosterone Level in Men

How can I fix my Low T? Once you know what normal testosterone levels in men are and how to get tested for androgen deficiency, you are on your way to correcting Low T. Most general practitioners and family medicine doctors are unsure about what testosterone level results even mean when they see the lab test results. They are also not experienced in knowing what hormone treatment protocol to prescribe or what testosterone products to buy for effective treatment results. For most men, the normal testosterone range is about 300 ng/dl to 1200 ng/dL with an average androgen level of 679 ng/dL.

How your Doctor Diagnoses and Measures Low T?

Testosterone Blood Testing results are used to fix Low T. Some labs androgen reference levels are 270 to 1070 ng/dL, while other hormone testing labs use the 300 to 1200ng/dL as a normal range, and so it takes an experienced physician to diagnose and formulate a good treatment plan on how to repair low testosterone. Testosterone level peaks at about age 20 to 25, and then slowly declines about 1% per year therafter affecting physical, mental and sexual health. Most 25 year olds have 800 ng/dL to 1,000 ng/dL at the peak of their testosterone production, so successfully fixing a deficiency usually entails raising low androgen levels back up to those optimal youthful levels. The most important type of testosterone to measure is Free Testosterone versus Total Testosterone. Free testosterone is also known as unbound or bioavailable because it is the only androgen actively available for use by a man's body. Increasing Free testosterone levels is the ultimate goal of a successful Male HRT program.

How To Fix Testosterone Deficiency in a Man's Body

How To Fix Testosterone Deficiency? Only through a doctor-supervised, complete TRT program can a man correct low testosterone symptoms and repair low t. While it is true that HCG is instrumental in increasing a man's testosterone production, HCG by itself is not very effective in treating Andropause or hypogonadism, a genuine androgen deficiency. Male Hormone Optimization programs are designed to be comprehensive including estrogen blockers, estrogen inhibiors (Anti-Estrogens and SERM's) to prevent aromatization or conversion of excess testosterone to estrogen, as well as HCG injections (Human Chosrionic Gonaditropin) to prevent testicular atrophe dusing and post cycle (PCT).

Naturally Fixing Low T

Boost low testosterone levels naturally.

You can boost Low T levels naturally by improving your lifestyle, exercising, eating foods and testosterone-boosting supplements that naturally increase androgen blood levels. Many amino acid and anti-aging supplements can modestly raise natural hormone levels but are not anywhere near as effective as prescription testosterone injections, creams or gels. Many men want a quick fix and natural ways to increase or restore low androgen levels take time and lifestyle changes. For a faster Low T fix, injectable testosterone solutions tend to be a much more effective treatment option.

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Doctors who can Fix Low T

Doctors who can Correct Low Testosterone Levels

Low T Doctors, Urologists and Endocrinologists treat ED, Erectile Dysfunction and Andropause (Low testosterone levels in men). Using a variety of hormone and natural treatment options, these physicians help men with sexual and hormonal health problems as well as age-related signs and symptoms caused by thyroid, diabetes and other endocrine disorders - visit the endocrine experts website at Low T Physicians

IMPORTANT: NO TESTOSTERONE PRESCRIPTION FOE LOW T REPAIR WILL BE PROVIDED UNLESS A CLINICAL NEED EXISTS BASED ON REQUIRED LAB WORK, PHYSICIAN CONSULTATION, PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND CURRENT MEDICAL HISTORY. PLEASE NOTE, AGREEING TO LAB WORK AND PHYSICAL EXAM DOES NOT GUARANTEE A FINDING OF CLINICAL NECESSITY AND A PRESCRIPTION FOR HORMONE THERAPY, HORMONE REPLACEMENT TREATMENT OR PRESCRIPTION HORMONE MEDICATIONS INCLUDING TESTOSTERONE, HCG AND HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH INJECTIONS). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No claim or opinion on the TestosteroneTherapy.org website is intended to be nor should it be construed to be medical advice or hormone diagnosis. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any therapeutic program including HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy.

We are the leading Testosterone Therapy Specialists in the United States - About Testosterone Therapy Physicians Organization.

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