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"Low Testosterone affects two in ten men between the ages of 40 and 60 - and more than three in ten over the age of 60."

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Benefits of Testosterone Therapy & Testosterone Injections

Testosterone is the hormone directly responsible for a man’s vitality and sex drive.  It is a fundamental factor in determining strength, stamina, concentration, muscle mass, weight, mood and energy levels in men.

Normal testosterone levels are essential to a man's health, relationships and quality of life.
Do you have Low T? Find out!

Testosterone Treatment Benefits

Boost low libido
Increase sexual desire
Improve sexual performance
Enhance mood in men
Reduce depression in men
Increase energy & vitality
Increase bone density
Build lean muscle mass
Burn off fatty tissue
Stimulate sperm production
Improve male fertility
Increase strength & endurance
Regulate distribution of body fat
Increase body hair growth
Reduce risk of heart disease*
Increase Drive & Ambition
Better Sleep & Concentration
Nourish the male reproductive system

Testosterone. During adolescence and early adulthood, testosterone levels in men are naturally high resulting in a feeling of strength, sexual charge and vitality. But as men get older, the aging process causes testosterone levels to decline, often resulting in a decrease in sexual desire, decrease in muscle mass, excessive weight gain, feeling tired all day, extreme mood swings, insomnia, depression and hair loss.

Low Testosterone has a big impact on men. Some males suffer debilitating symptoms when their bodies produce insufficient levels of testosterone, resulting in a condition called hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is the decreased functionality of the testes in producing an adequate amount of testosterone. Hypogonadism is not permanent, and can be treated with hormone replacement therapy, specifically Low Testosterone Therapy.

Men who take Testosterone report a surge in their sex drive and frequency of sex. They are better able to work out, build muscle mass and strength. The fat around their belly melts away as they lose weight and trim their waists. Men who enroll in a comprehensive Testosterone Replacement program which includes diet, nutrition and exercise - feel better, sleep better and look better. They have their edge back along with a restored enthusiasm for daily living, pursuing relationships and living life.

Low T Treatment Options. Advances in research and medicine offer hormone replacement treatments for low testosterone or “Low T” - including injections, creams, gels, pellets, oral adhesive gums and patches.

If you think you may have Low T symptoms or are suffering from Andropause (Hypogonadism), don't hesitate to contact a Testosterone Therapy Physician at one of our male hormone replacement clinics today. You can get tested for Low T with a fast, easy lab test and start treatment right away with a prescription. Find a Testosterone Doctor & Clinic

Our Testosterone Therapy Doctors have successfully treated over 18,000 patients. Our Testosterone Therapy Centers utilize the most progressive hormone treatment protocols backed up with training from the Mayo Clinic® and Cleveland Clinic®. Fill out the Quick Info Request Form to speak to a Testosterone Specialist and to receive the best pricing for Testosterone Injections and other hormone replacement medications.

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Testosterone can help Boost your Sex Drive, Build Stronger Muscle, Burn Excess Fat, Increase Energy, Improve Mood and Restore Enthusiasm for Everyday Life. We are the Low T Treatment Experts and We can Help!

Contact one of our Low T Centers today for a Free Consultation. We serve patients nationwide and our Age Management Physicians and Endocrinologists take the time to listen to you!

The Low T Clinic provides Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy and HGH Injection Therapy for Men & Women, as well as other Longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine Treatment designed for Healthy Aging.


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